Rent Rates
Brenwood Park Senior Community has 158 units. We have two types of apartments in our community. Some are in the "Affordable Housing Program" which means that they have an income limit. The units range in size: 700 to 807 sq. ft. for a one bedroom unit and 950 to 987 sq. ft. for a two bedroom unit. All two bedroom homes have a laundry room in them so you can have your own washer & dryer.

The maximum income limit for one person is $30,840.

The maximum income limit for two persons is $35,220.

The other apartments are what we call "Market Rate" units and they do not have an income limit. These units range in size: 767 sq. ft. for a one bedroom and 980 to 1375 sq. ft. for a two bedroom unit. All apartment homes in Phase II have washers and dryers in the units. Selected units also offer cathedral ceilings and/or two bathrooms.

OAKBROOK CORPORATION professionally manages the property and has a waiting list consisting of people who have shown interest in Brenwood Park Senior Community. The waiting list provides us with the opportunity to send interested parties updated information regarding the community. If you have any questions about Brenwood Senior Community or if you would like to be included on the waiting list, please call and ask for Ariane or Becky. If you have a friend or relative you would like included on the list, please supply us with their name and address.